In order to be successful in private practice or take your practice to the next level, you need to have a business paradigm. We are not taught in grad school how to run a for-profit business. If you can’t make a good living in your practice, your therapy will suffer and clients cannot benefit from your skill set. Being a compassionate therapist and a business person are not mutually exclusive. Here is what it takes to shift that paradigm.

This video discusses the confidence and self-belief necessary to be well compensated for your services. It starts with you.

This video is an introduction to the foundation of how counseling skills can be useful to business and industry. “The quality of the product or service delivered is directly dependent on the quality of the working relationships and the quality of the working relationships is dependent on well the work group communicates”. This is a skill set therapists already possess and a great potential revenue stream for your practice!


How to develop a profitable marketing plan for your counseling private practice.

Developing an ongoing marketing plan is essential to any business, and therapy is no different. Not only do you need to launch a practice, but you also need to make that practice self-sustaining. 

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