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After 40 Years in Therapy: What Have I learned?

Norm Dasenbrook’s After 40 Years in Therapy: What Have I learned? is a treasure trove of solid techniques, ideas, stories, metaphors, and advice that help us change our lives for the better! Whether you are a clinician, spouse, partner, parent, supervisor, CEO, teenager, or psychotherapy client there is something for everyone in this book…



The Complete Guide to Counseling Private Practice

New 5th edition of the Complete Guide to Private Practice. Totally revised and updated with the latest information on documentation, social media, record keeping, marketing and advertising, HIPAA, billing, public speaking, forms and more!” The Complete Guide is continually updated to bring you the latest private practice information!


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Order the Complete Guide to Private Practice and book a private, one on one ½ hour practice consultation with Norm. All for the same price as a live seminar.


Coaching and Consulting Services

Most new small businesses fail in the first year—don’t let it be you! Coaching costs the same as counseling. Invest in yourself. Don’t repeat common mistakes and profit from Norm’s 30 years in private practice.


Counselor’s Guide to Relationship Building and Conflict Resolution Training

“Teach Counseling Skills to Corporate America” Cognitive Behavioral Theory / Change Management / Communication Skills / Problem Solving


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How to develop a profitable marketing plan for your counseling private practice.

Developing an ongoing marketing plan is essential to any business, and therapy is no different.  Not only do you need to launch a practice, but you also need to make that practice self-sustaining.

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