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Private Practice Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting Services

Most new small businesses fail in the first year—don’t let it be you! 

Since 1999, Dasenbrook Consulting has helped launch thousands of new therapists into private practice and expand limited practices. Norm can save you thousands of dollars by not repeating the mistakes of others! Do it right the first time. Invest in yourself. Most successful therapists had a mentor or used coaching to traverse the private practice landscape.

Coaching/Consulting is available in 50-Minute and 3-Hour Sessions

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Complete Guide to Private Practice 5th Ed Binder

The Complete Guide to Counseling Private Practice

The 5th edition of the Complete Guide to Private Practice is your source for all that’s private practice. The Complete Guide is continually updated to bring you the latest private practice information and updated forms!

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After 40 Years in Therapy: What Have I Learned?

After 40 Years in Therapy: What Have I learned?

Norm Dasenbrook’s After 40 Years in Therapy: What Have I learned? is a treasure trove of solid techniques, ideas, stories, metaphors, and advice that help us change our lives for the better! Whether you are a clinician, spouse, partner, parent, supervisor, CEO, teenager, or psychotherapy client there is something for everyone in this book…

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Counselor’s Program Development Package

Counselor’s Program Development Package

Program content for Critical Counseling Skills for Business and Industry, CEOs, Clients, Parents, Adults and Adolescents, Clinicians. For anyone or any group who wants to be better and do better! The package includes content that can be used with business and industry, individuals, couples, families, and mental health professionals to market practices.

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