The 2016 presidential primary process is unlike any I have ever seen before. Yes, for decades politicians have tried to differentiate themselves by casting dispersions on their competitors and less than favorably present their interpretations of their opponent’s policies, past voting records and character.

But, in 2016 there is a polarization of rhetoric in the name of the “war” on political correctness (PC). I’m all for not sanitizing our language or interpersonal interactions to the point of emotion blandness, but can we be civil about “telling it like it is”?

In cognitive behavioral therapy, how we interpret and what they tell ourselves about events, influence our emotions and behavior. So we need to make sure what we are telling ourselves, and the words we choose are reflective of reality. If we tell ourselves things are awful, terrible, horrible or catastrophic, how do you expect to feel perky? No, if we tell ourselves things are awful, terrible, horrible or catastrophic we will feel that way and be miserable to be around. Is something really horrible or inconvenient? Big difference in feelings. Not being PC but real.

Seems to me this war on political correctness is an exercise in polarizing interpretations and language intended to elicit strong negative emotions. Now, there is nothing wrong with trying to evoke strong emotions in primary process but could it be civil? Is it okay to call each other losers, liars, mommas boy, disgraceful, stupid, shameful, idiots and the list goes on and on. We don’t let our kids talk like that and certainly don’t encourage this type of communication in family therapy.

Are most of the people coming across the border drug dealers and criminals? Some probably are but most are just looking for a better life by coming here illegally

Do we need to call Cruz shameful, disgusting, and a liar for his tactics in Iowa with Ben Carson or were his tactics just questionable?

And now, Trump just took on the Pope. The POPE!  In reaction to the Pope’s comments about Christianity and the border with Mexico, Trump stated, “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful” The Pope was acting disgraceful!!!!? How about simply acknowledging some differences with the Pontiff? That’s what Rubio did about building the wall, but it did not make headlines. Go figure.

The above characterizations are not being PC but civil. I can say, “You have a face that could stop a clock” or I can say, “When I look at you time stands still”. Which way do you want to hear it? Civil not PC…