Complete Private Practice Kit

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Private Practice: Surviving or Thriving DVD

Surviving or Thriving DVD of our full day seminar, entire power point presentation and the comprehensive seminar handout. It is packed full of all the information we share in our signature workshop.

The Complete Guide to Private Practice For Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Complete Guide to Private Practice and CD with all the forms including updated managed care information. Less than the cost of one hour of counseling.


· Making the shift to a business paradigm
· Addressing business anxiety – going towards the roar
· Multiple Income Streams – other sources of revenue

II. Start Up and Practice Expansion
· Eight step method to increasing referrals
· Insurance · Council for Affordable Health Care – ins and outs
· Business Entities
· Finances and Merchant Accounts

III. Office Procedures
· Informed Consent – protect you and your client
· Documentation
· HIPAA compliance
· Transfer Plan
· Fees – setting and collecting
· Billing options

IV. Marketing and Advertising
· Print Material – what it communicates
· Marketing Plan – a two prong approach
· Prospecting Referral Sources
· Niche Marketing
· Business Consulting – apply counseling skills to business
· Cross pollination of referral sources

V. Insurance and Managed Health Care
· How to Work Effectively with Third Party Payers
· Back Door Method for Getting on Closed Panels
· Top ten insurance and managed care companies

Licensed mental health providers will:
· Learn how to work effectively and profitably with insurance and managed care companies.
· Implement the business strategy of “value added” to differentiate your practice from the others.
· Incorporate additional income-generating sources to a practice.
· Differentiate effective and non-effective practice building and marketing strategies.
· Learn the essential features of informed consent, transfer plan, documentation, and HIPAA compliance.
· Identify cost effective support services to streamline office procedures for a thriving practice.

The landscape of private practice for mental health professionals is ever changing. The thrivingpractice must adapt, change, and continue to redefine its relevance to clients and referral sources.

For the mental health professional just starting, to the large group practice, thriving practices take risks and differentiate themselves from the competition.

This practical, nuts and bolts seminar will present tried and true practice building strategies to begin a practice from the ground up and to expand an existing practice to the next level.

Profit from Dasenbrook’s 30+ years combined experience and strategic relationships with leading mental health professionals, print and web designers, billing and software vendors, attorneys, national professional organizations, and political action committees that provide cutting edge information on the latest trends, niches and legislation that impact private practice.

Only $145.99.00 FREE SHIPPING – SAVE $37.96!

How did you hear about this product?:

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