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The New 5th edition of the Complete Guide to Private Practice is your source for all that’s private practice. Totally revised and updated with the latest information on documentation, social media, record keeping, marketing and advertising, HIPAA, billing, public speaking, forms and more!” The Complete Guide is continually updated to bring you the latest private practice information! And now once you purchase the Complete Guide receive free updates for life (mine not yours)!

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“Your source for all that’s private practice”

Specific topics covered in the Guide include:

  • A business plan on how to start a practice
  • HIPAA forms.
  • How to set up an office with minimal investment
  • Marketing strategies
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Websites and Internet
  • Independent contractor/Employees
  • Referral sources
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Billing: Clients and Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Office procedures
  • Dealing with Insurance
  • Expanding an existing practice
  • Consulting
  • EMR Electronic Medical Record
  • How to get on closed panels
  • How to buy and sell a practice
  • CAQH credentialing
  • Business Entities
  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Fees
  • Record Keeping

The Guide contains all the forms on USB

  • Intake Form- Initial Assessment
  • Progress Notes
  • Informed Consent
  • Adolescent Informed Consent
  • Releases of Information
  • HIPAA Clients Rights
  • HIPAA Privacy Practices
  • Insurance and Managed Care List
  • Insurance Verification Form
  • Claim Denial Letters
  • Fee Schedules
  • ACA Code of Ethics Transfer Plan
  • PCP Letter
  • Superbill
  • Change to Couples Counseling
  • Deductible Policy First of the Year
  • Co-ordination with School

The Guide Private Practice is
“Your source for all that’s private practice”


How did you hear about this product?:

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